I adopted these cute dragons, Anayarana and Labyrinth, on February 24, 1998!

I adopted Anthraxxium on March 10, 1998!

I would like to thank Adrienne Victors for this really cute gargoyle.
She is really adorable! Thanks Adrienne! *hug*

I adopted him on March 16th, 1998. His name is Xanderth.

I adopted her on March 16th, 1998 too.
Um...more like...she adopted me. *smiles* Her name is Kitara.

I got her on March 18, 1998. Isn't Kylara adorable.
She's alot more outgoing and fun than her lazy bro Anthraxxium...
I adopted Nightmare Stalker and Dream Weaver on October 5, 1998

I adopted Crimystyth Dragon on December 30th, 1998.