Dragon Hunt!

Oh no! The dragons broke out! Catch them! Catch them!

Ok... We got them all... *counts*

OH NO!!!

We are missing 5 and we need your help! Up to the challenge?

*You are handed a picture of the 5 dragons*






They are only found on pages that has the URL "http://bluegreengem.tripod.com/" on it.

What's that you say? What do you get out of it?
Well, you will get an award like the one below with your name on it.

Basically you find the dragons, tell me the URLs the dragons were found on and
e-mail them to me. I'll do the rest. Note: Remove "antispam" before sending.

If all the URLs are correct, I will then send you your award and you link it to "http://bluegreengem.tripod.com/dragonhunt.html" So that others can find this dragon hunt and find them too!

Well? What are you waiting for? Now go! Go! Find them!

Hurry back to the Main Page and begin your dragon hunt.

The 5 dragon pictures were borrowed from Dee Dreslough's Art Gallery.
On her page, it states permission to use the graphics
and I asked for permission to alter some graphics of hers.