VERY NEW! I'm still working on this!

*rushes in, rubbing his bum* Ack! Man... I ain't updated this section since July of 1998.. Some people can be so restless and actually start to use pointy objects to "encourage" me to update this!

To summarize things, I'm not one of those big special graphic makers that would make all these funky images that would make your page win #1 awards. Basically, I made these when I was bored and was playing around. Eventually, I made so many that a close friend suggested I put them on a page for others to use. So I did that in 1998. Unfortunately, over time, NO ONE LINKS TO ME! :P I've seen my "Sign" and "View" buttons all over the net and no links back to me. aww... Oh well, moving on.

Many people request that I make a background for them or a graphic like the title of a webpage and all. When I do it, They don't link back (even when I ask them very politely. They still don't.) So you may have noticed when you came in through my front page that I don't do them custom for free anymore. It's gotten to be too much for me to handle. If you want me to do a personal page for you, Please Go Here for more information.

When I first started this, I had 3 basic pages.

Celtic GraphicsFont GraphicsSymbol Graphics

And here were my summary for each in 1998.

Celtic Graphics - These are some graphics that uhh.. I believe are celtic... =) heh...

Font Graphics - Some of these graphics are just.. font graphics. some are pretty neat. =)

Symbol Graphics - These are like from dingbats. fonts that are just pictures

And that's that. No way am I going to mess around with those 3 pages. It's a mess and I don't want to touch it! You can't make me! *grins*

I just ask that if you use any graphics, to please link back to me at Is that too much to ask? ;)

Newer Graphics

Finally, What most of you have been waiting for... I don't have any. *smirks* Just kidding. Just pick one from below. I don't have a lot of time to make it all pretty and beautiful for you so just browse through if you can. *grins*



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Extra: Please don't take the background on this page! Thank you. :)