The Gem Forest

Quick History: I made this forest last July when I was really sick of the overcrowding rooms... At first very few people came into this room but enjoyed the peacefulness and quiet of it. Now my room is always crowdy, now getting complaints of fighting and how they missed the quietness when the realm was made last July 98.

Description: (Get ready...)

A lake is seen nearby... It seems to stretch for quite a bit, near the end, a beautiful waterfall. A large weeping willow tree practically leans over into the lakeside.

You can also see a cabin owned by Blue Green Gem by the lakeside with a dock that runs out a bit across the lake with a boat attached. In the middle of the lake is a floating dock. (That was added there when last summer, we did a lot of swimming around.)

If you walk out into the clearing, you can see the Fantasy Cliff far, far, far off into the distance looking high and mighty, overlooking the entire fantasy realm.

You can see in the distance... 2 large mountains... no trees, seems to be covered in snow. In one of the mountains lay the Life Gem of Blue Green Gem. It gives power to The Gem Forest. You can see where the line of green grass ends and where the dead brown/black grass begins... Once you pass that line, You lose magick, your natural ability to fly, and many other things. The reason why is to protect the Life Gem. Many deadly animals lay around in the forbidden area of the Life Gem mountains...

When you look down and really look down, You can see different size gems.. of any color, and you realize how the forest got it's name.

One species that originally lives in The Gem Forest are the Iuuan Elves that thrives on human age... An Iuu Fountain is seen out in the clearing but it is advised not to approach it. It drains your age and Iuuan Elves find it offensive you went without the permission to do so.

You can see an ancient Garden.. riddled with vines... You can see the iron gate off the hinges, inside it.. a pond with lots of vines on the ground where it's not habitable for the garden to grow food. A greenhouse where Darkmistress grows her herbs. (Not sure if she grows her herbs in the garden...)

You can see a graveyard of some sort.. Purple stones glowing, called "Diamatine". They seem to mark the spots where the djinns are buried. You know better than to pick the stones up and disturb the graveyard.

You can see a Lair near the forest that belonged to a great Amethyst dragon.. but was abandoned. Jarred, now having the ability to become an amethyst dragon, now inhabits the lair with his two dragonettes.

The Gem Forest is filled with animals and you can see the forest had sustained alot of damage. From many such as torching from a dragon named Gyruith and a blast from a daemon named Khaos Tikan. Both from acts of extreme anger. But you can see new life over the old as the forest continues to thrive...

Links: (Some helpful links...)
Species: Learn about the Iuuan Elves that lives in The Gem Forest.
Caretaker: An Extensive Profile about Blue Green Gem/Gem Bluestone.

The Gem Forest has been visited times since February 5th, 1999.

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