You step in and look around the dusky cave and you suddenly see a large red dragon, seeming to be 246 feet long from head to tail.

"Oh great! The big goof is asleep!"

You look around startled and see a faery that seems to be having a bad day. Suddenly she sneezes and when she does... dust begins to fly everywhere. You can't help but stifle your laughter.

She hears you and gets angry, pulls out some faery dust and blows some on you. Suddenly you look around and everything seems strange, different... bigger. You look and you have a tail. "Huh?" You ask yourself... "Oh man!!!" You just notice you are a lil blue dragon.

Suddenly, a tail wraps around you and picks you up. "Hello lil fella" says the Red Dragon in a deep voice. You look at him quietly and nervously, "hi". The dragon lets out a rumbling chuckle from deep within his throat. You look around and the faery is gone. "I assume you are here to hear a story?" Says the dragon in a questioning tone.

"What's that? You wish to know about Gem Bluestone?" Asks the dragon hesitantly. You nod quietly as the dragon lays on his back placing you on his belly and pats you on the head with his tail. "Well...lil fella.. First we must start with how Gem Bluestone came here.. You know, His name wasn't always Gem Bluestone. It was Blue Green Gem for quite a while. He lived on a realm, much like any other realm, named Earth. An Evil Sorcerer kidnapped Gem only to steal his eyes, The Sorcerer left the blind child in Fantasy and ran. Skyhawk later discovered the child and brought him to Xavorith. Xavorith just happened to have two sight gems left. A blue one and a green one. Skyhawk then adopted the child later on."

The dragon continues, "Gem also trained hard to be a Dragonhealer. It was not easy for the child to go through the studying and preparing. I am very proud of Gem for that." The dragon then pats you on the head with a tail and chuckles. "Gem have inherited many magickal items, made many powerful friends, formed a family, and I am not sure if the child wishes to go back to his home..."

"While we are on the subject of home. Gem discovered Kelnor is his birthplace, not Earth. His parents were too dependable on machines and despised magick. He is also a chosen one....." The dragon pauses and sighs hesitantly,"We shall not speak of that. I mainly assume these are the reasons why Gem's parents fled from Kelnor to a realm without magick." The dragon chuckles loudly yet you sense anger in his voice, "Can you believe the dwellers in that realm believes dragons do not exist, except only in faery tales? I should go there and prove them wrong..." The dragon continues to mutter angrily.

*ahchoo* you sneezed...

The dragon stop and looks at you and chuckles, "Sorry lil fella.. where are we? I beleive I was talking about how dragons mate." Suddenly you blurt out, "Gem come from Kelnor!" You stop and think about what you just said. "What?" you think to yourself, "Where did that come from?" The dragon chuckles,"Ahhhh yes, I was just wondering if you were paying attention lil one. Gem was shocked and very upset from this and felt as if Earth was no longer his home. He searched for a realm to call "Home". He ran across a realm... The Gem Forest and moved in."

"His family? Well lil fella... His adopted mother skyhawk passed away and Gem had no one to turn to. Fomhoire later adopted him. May I Add, Fomhoire is the God of the Underworld. But what amazes me is shortly later, Fomhoire altered Gem's bloodline and Gem became Fomhoire's true son. That's right lil fella... Gem's blood was no longer of his parents.. His blood is now of Fomhoire's. Gem became immortal, I believe this encouraged Gem to work hard to be a Dragonhealer. His Grandmother is DarkMistress, His Uncle is Merloch. Ahhhh... I am not well known with his family, These are the most he speaks of."

"lil fella? You should run off now..." The dragon sets you down and shoves you away with his tail as he lays and begins falling asleep. You look at the dragon quite startled and begin walking to the cave exit. You begin forming into your original form. "The dust must have worn off.." you think to yourself and you leave the cave....