*~My friends~*

Whooo.. I have to do major updating to my friend's page! Yes, I had to deal with a lot of friends complaing about me not putting them down here... truth is, the last time I updated this page was in April. I met many of you AFTER April so pleeeeasssee dun come swearing to me for not putting you down here. hehehe... you know who you are.. the one that swore at me. and yes, I did put you down here. Do that again and I will tell people who you are!!!... *laughs* blackmailing rules. heh... AND.. no, I didn't add more people to here yet, I only updated some URLs to my friends pages and stuff. I will get to the adding soon. heh...
Ticey This is my IRL sister...and it is her real name. I miss you Ticey..*hug* I wish I could see you alot more often than you just dropping by here and there by the house. I wish that we could talk like we used to...oh well...at least you are there to hug..*hug* visit my sister's page here.
Mairim This is my bestest friend of all...She has been my friend since 1st grade, we have moved apart from each other since 4th grade. Our fathers are in the military and stuff. Thank you Mairim, for all those phone talks..and all that and for keeping me at least half way sane..*laughs* *hugs*...*sheds a tear* I hope we can see each other again and hug each other again. And you have got to get a webpage! *laughs*
GreyWolf1 Now this..is my oldest net friend! She and I was the ones that started the wolfpack that soon collapsed because of wolf haters. I missed you GW1! *hughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughughug* You have been gone for sooo long!!! I am so glad I found you again! *hug*
Skyhawk Skyhawk is my mom, she's kewl! Hiya mom! *hug* what's up! hehehe....I love you mom! I wonder where you go when you leave fantasy...*shivers* I cannot believe that I just imagined that! EW! hehehe... *LAUGHS* If you wanna see Skyhawk's page, click here. Kain is her IRL son....I am Skyhawk's cyber-son...hehehe....
Narayana She is my little sister. I just love my adorable little sister. She never gets annoying. That is what I like about her. hehehe...Hiya Nara! *hugs* have fun, you hear me? Thanks for all those up all night talks!
Sorceress Quen'thala This is my next sister. She is kewl...can change herself, she is either a panther or a centaur. She sometimes is human to make it easier on us. Hiya Lise!!! *hug* having fun? hehehe.... Thanks for all those up late night talks...even though where you live it is morning...visit her page here.
fleshNbone this is my Big Homie..hehehe..I am his l'il homie or baby gangsta..hehehe...Hiya Big Homie! what's up? I wanna thank you for making my ring and stuff! I so totally owe you one..or lots..hehehe...visit his page....
ThA tHuGz CrIbİ

SilverGrin She was the one that made me a picture of what I look like in Fantasy!! Thank you so much! *HUG* now you keep on drawing! heehee!
Raven V She is the one that made Khajuraho's lovely picture!!! Oooohhhh...thank you so much girl!!! *HUG*
Aditu and Zorn Now..Aditu is my sister. And Zorn is my brother-in-law. Yes they are married. That is why I put them together. Hiya Zorn and Aditu! what's up? Is the honeymoon over? hehehe *hugs* Visit their page here.
j11653 This guy is my gramps! heehee! yes, very educated and funny...*laughs* Hiya J11! what's up? Still gathering stuff for your homepage? *hug* visit his site here.
Opera Ghost Yes, I said ghost, but don't worry. He's a kewl guy. That's unless...he permanently leaves you in the labyrinth beneath the opera house... *shivers in fear*
MoonGoddess Hey there...I think she is my sister now. I dunno...If she is.. *pokes moony* *laughs* Hey there! =) *hugs* see ya later!
Love Goddess Now this is one lady to watch out for..hehehe..she just may zap you with her love spell...no..just kidding. She is a kewl friend. Hiya Love! *hug* *~psst..got any guys falling for you under your love spells yet?~* heehee! visit her page...
Love Goddessİ

Ambular1 Ambular1 is kewl....hehehe..I say that about every girl! hehehe...watcha doing girl? She is the best when it comes to hugs! She is a professional at hugs..heehee! We always have hug wars...hehehe. Hey Ambular... *HUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGUHG* Beat that! heehee! see ya soon! Amby's page is here. (She should get a banner to show off her "hippie" side..hehehe...)
Xandersick Xandersick is a real kewl cuz of mine! For those who are asking, cuz means cousin. This is the best cuz ever! Hiya cuz! *hugs* hows you doing? And when are you going to remove that damn picture of the spice girls dolls? I said I dun like them anymore! hehehe... *hugs* see ya later! My cuz's page is here...

Apothecary Dan Hi ApothecaryDan! This guy is like..my biological cyber father. hehehe... *just loves to confuse everyone* I mean when I was in the wolf pack, he was my father. hehehe...
Angel Hiya Angel, been *~forever~* since I ever seen you..if you see this, drop me a line, I miss you alot! Angel was my mother in the wolfpack. But when Angel and Apothecary Dan left the pack, Skyhawk adopted me to be her son. =)
Sorceress of Death She owns the court of Fantasy where I chat at. A real kewl girl! like I said, I say kewl for every girl..hehehe....Hi Sorceress! *hug* I bet being ruler of Fantasy is alot of work..hehehe....
Alianna She is kewl...(not again! heehee!) Hiya Alianna! What's up? *hug* What you doing girl? you can see her page here. She is the Amyrlin of the Aes Sedai.
Black Gryphon Black Gryphon is is my UnkieBlack!!! heehee! He is an Old Fantasy Reg...like a couple of others on my list of friends, but he can really describe himself out there. Watching doing Unkie Black??? Thanks for the help on my story so far, I hope you continue to help me along the way as my story grows! See Unkie Black's homepage here!
p.s..to my Unkie Black...wherever you are, please come back and chat with me again...I really really really miss you! =)
Colon He is also an Old Fantasy Reg. His name is how we became friends. No offense Colon..but your name was weird. *laughs* But it don't sound weird now...Sounds like Colonel now...hehehe...have fun! see his page here.
Stallion Also and Old Fantasy Reg. Stallion is really cool. Stallion! *neighs* hehehe.....thanks for that ride..even though you were going too fast and stuff...and you stepped on me once..*~sniff sniff~* that's ok...hehehe...visit his page here. His page is really awesome and is very very impressive! You should drop by and check his page out!
Merloch Guess what Merloch!!! I spelled it right this time! heehee! Merloch is an elf, really kewl friend to have. Watcha doing man? He can actually turn you into fried Spam!!! EW! That nasty stuff! *laughs* Visit his page here.
HouNdDoG She is kewl...She has never described to me what she looks like..so..right now..I am assuming she looks like a hound dog....hehehe..*laughs* sorry about that HouNdDog...What you always doing? hehehe...*laughs* all right, I am sorry...*hugs* Have fun.
Princess Sunshine Haven't spoken to you in a while myself...where have you been??? *hugs* Did you leave the chat to chat somewhere else? better not, if you did, better get back and start chatting with me again! *laughs and smiles* I missed you! *hug* Her homepage is here....

My Lady She is also another Old Fantasy Reg. She is kewl. Where have you been girl? Why you not chatting with me anymore? *smiles* I know..you been invisible on ICQ...hehehe *hugs* visit her page here.
Red Dragon This is a kewl guy..hehehe..the first dragon I met, the truth is, he is the reason of my fascination with dragons. Thanks Red Dragon. Oh yeah..and that blade at the end of your tail...be careful with that around me...hehehe.... and...hehehe...he is obsessed..I mean OBSESSED...with candy...make sure you got some on you when you see him, the last thing you wanna do is make him mad..hehehe...I always bring him a tub of gummy worms, I do that to put extra fat on his belly, that way his belly can be soft enough to jump on as a trampoline..heehee!
SnatchSoft He is a nice guy...hmmm....seriously he is a cool person to know. He is very aware about lots of stuff...like politics and other stuff....yes..he hates Bill Clinton. hehehe.... Hiya Snatch, what's up? his page is here. check it out.
Dauphine Now she is kewl, she is the first deaf person I found on the net!!! Yes, for those who didn't know, I too myself am deaf. (for those who don't know what that means..it means you can't hear a thing). Hi Dauphine! *hug hug hug* How's life treating you? heehee! Check her page here.
gstring Hiya girl...haven't seen you in a while...I really miss you after that problem with you and me and Romeo...I miss us being the three musketeers..no not mouseketeers! *laughs* *hug* I miss you.
Vampiress She's really kewl, don't get her angry or she takes a chomp off your neck..hehehe...Hiya Vamp...what's up? I haven't seen you in awhile ever since you know who..hehehe...*hug* We got to start chatting more...see ya later girl!
StormCaller This is a kewl guy. Even though I haven't chatted with him in a while..hmmmm....probably too busy blowing up places...heehee! see his page...

Sati Girl..been awhile since we spoke! We gotta stop ICQing each other saying "hi" and "bye"...*HUG* we better start chatting before we forget each other *laugh* She has her own chat room..."The Castle of Sati". I am the lovely bartender they talk about there..hehehe..
BlacKnight This is a kewl guy, he watches out for my little sister Narayana. Thanks man, I appreciate it! see his page here.
Wednesday She is kewl...hehehe...I always thought she got this name from that movie "Addams Family". But she never told me if it is or not..tell me girl!!! hehehe..just kidding! *hug* watcha doing? HEY!!! Put that Axe down!!! It is not ok to try to kill Pugsley!!! hehehe...sorry..I just had to say that..hehehe...
Vermifuge the Red Some of you know her site..the banner on my mainpage "Can you survive the cave of the Beast?" Yep..that is her site! How you doing girl! *hug* Let me guess...you STILL moving your homepages to other places? *laughs* When you are going to rejoin the Site Fights? Like I said...I will rejoin with you at the same time to help you. =)
Shy Rose Hey Shy Rose! *huuuuugs* Been awhile that we actually sat down and chatted! We always flying in and out of the rooms. I am lucky to even cross your path when I'm flying too! *laughs* Catch ya later!
Being Hey Bro. *hugs* What's up? How are things going on with you? =) Wait...aliens? WHERE?!? *SCREAMS* *pulls out guns and shoots the alien saucer down* there...no more abductions of my people..muahahahaha... *laughs* See ya later bro! *hugs*
Dragoness How you doing girl..we don't chat that much anymore *hug* I missed you...heehee! *smile* Do your thang! heehee! Dragoness is like a real big dragon...good thing she doesn't have a real short temper *sigh of relief* hehehe...
Promqueen Hiya girl what's up? She's real kewl...heehee! Promqueen always whines when she says my name because she knows it annoys me...hehehe..."Geeeeeeeemmmm....." PQ? *hugs* Missed ya! =)
Xavier He's a kewl guy..We been sorta talking on ICQ...but he is always phazing out here and there...I should *~smack~* his arm to startle him...to get his adrenaline rushing, eh? hehehe...we haven't chatted in awhile. He has two pages. Check them both out! His fantasy one is here (under major construction) and his general page is here.
Janus Arkenstone This guy does quests...and many! I've only done a couple with him so far! A real kewl guy! Hi Janus! What's up? We should do another quest with vampires again..heehee! And...he is *~real~* deep. His personality that is. Visit his site here.

The Night Wind Hiya bro! What's up? Thanks for a couple of helps here and there...and stufferz alongs the way! And thanks for putting me in the story! See his page here.
North Wynd I have not seen her for SOOO long! She never comes on ICQ anymore. and yes Girl, I miss you! You was my hatch helper! *hug* See her page here.
Crash This guy kinda annoys us. see, when he gets bored, he keeps saying he is bored over and over and annoys us to talk to him. heehee! Hi Crash, what's up? let me guess..bored again??? don't worry, some fun things will come along!
Shadow Wolf He was my adopted wolf father when both of my wolf parents were killed off. That is basically how skyhawk became my mother. Then he left, and me and Skyhawk stayed together. Hi Shadow! *hug* missed ya! where have you been???
NightEyes and Mahazael I hope I spelled Mahazael's name right..heehee! I just met them two a couple of days ago...kewl couple. They are engaged, not married. heehee! hiya ya all! *hughughug* what is up? heehee!
Michelle Hey Michelle!!! *HUGS* How are things going with you...it has been quite a bit since we sat down and chatted...I mean..you are always *always* running after your kids. *laughs* I still don't believe that they weaseled you into making a pizza! and don't tell me that it was your idea and you spoil them. *laughs* Go see her page here.
Sarina This is the leader of the Darksbane Dragons....Hi Sarina! *big dragon hugs* How are things going with you and life? I can't believe that you already have over 60 fighters! *~shocked~* I know why! *sings* We are a family! We are a family! *laughs* She manages the team page (she is the leader after all.) Go see the page here.
Jozie Hey, who's that shining in the sky? That be Crystal Dragon! Hi Jozie! *huuugs* how are things with you? Um... I like...yeah, I did send the buttons in already! *snickers* go see her page here.
DScary Fairy MY FAVORITE FAIRY! *HUGS* Hiya!! =) How are you doing? Nopers, I not steal anymore fairy dust... *achooo* oops... *laughs* Go see her page here.
Skylark Hello Lady Enchantra. *bows* How may I be of help to you? *hands her some roses and chocolates* May the roses lighten your day and sweeten the air around you. =) *hugs* seriously...give me the chocolates back..I paid $15 for them imported chocolates and I am hungry! *laughs* Go see her page here.
Sylune *laughs* When she gets excited...she hops! She must be the first hopping dragon ever! Hi Sylune! *HUGS* How are you? I's bored and bored! *laughs*
Aahz wolf Nopers, he wasn't one of the wolfpack. He is a loner that I met in mIRC later. =) Hiya Aahz! That closet of yours with an atittude? It's lucky it moved into Bill Clinton's closet because I would've still kept coming back to your closet setting it on fire or something. wait..I did set it on fire.. *laughs* see ya later! =) Go see his page here.
Fomhoire Hi Fom! =) How are things with you? He is one of the gods at Fantasy. I practice fighting on him, I can't kill him so it wouldn't hurt to practice right? hehehe... It was a MAJOR mistake to ask him to fight back, He is a god... *thinks: thank gods he heals me after* *laughs*
lost I can't believe we are still in contact after all these months! I mean...We haven't seen each other for months! I now have her on my ICQ list! yay! but it still not help, she always on N/A... *sniff* I miss you lost *huuugs* Talk to me when ya gots some time. =)
somebody Hey now! My belly ain't that big! I dun need to walk on a treadmill machine or something... *laughs* *sits down and begins munching on doritos* *laughs* I missed ya girl! *huuugs* see ya later!!

now here comes the painful part...I know that I have forgotten some of you..If I have..(I'm sorry! forgive me!) e-mail me or ICQ me and let me know..(really! I am so sorry!!!)