Iuuan  Elves

Iuu Fountain

The Iuuan (ee-you-on) Elves... They are a race of Elves that thrives on human's age. They have a fountain called Iuu Fountain.

The Iuuan Elves would go out and find an old person, And lure them in... to there fountain. The clear waters would hypnotize you... daze you... Make you in awe. Then they would push you in.

You could feel the age draining from your body.. growing younger. The Elves would then rush to the fountain pulling you out, You realize you are a teenager once again.

No one knows why the Iuuan Elves thrives on age, It appears to be what the elves feed on.. to survive.

If you threaten the Iuuan Elves, They can force you to age and wither away into dust. They don't like when people walk to there fountain unless they are the ones guiding them to there Iuu Fountain.

The Children of the Iuuan Elves don't feed on age, Instead, They thrive on food the forests offers.. When they reach a mere 1,000 years of age. They will join there elders in the age feedings.

They will not force someone into the fountain, They will venture off into the world in human form, Searching for aged people who wish to be young again... They will slowly lure them back to there Iuu Fountain, convincing them to climb into the fountain where they lose there age to the Iuuan Elves.

1998 Blue Green Gem (Iuuan Elves is a race created by Blue Green Gem)

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