You begin screaming in terror as TheNightWind stares at you. He raises his hand and the fire place explodes. The fire begins to grow and the room begins to get hot. You continue to stare at him in terror...

All of a sudden, a cold wind blows by and caresses your face and the fire dies out. TheNightWind stands there staring at you. He opens the doors with a wave of his hand and leads you to a room and says,"You will stay here." He shuts the door and locks it.

You look around in the big room. A dusty bed. a toilet over in a room. "Ugh...this room is nasty!" you whisper to yourself. All of a sudden, you hear another bellow and it is louder. You turn around and you can hear it scraping closer and closer to the door. Your eyes widen as you stare at the doorknob slowly spinning. Your mind begins to race as you stand there terrified. All of a sudden, the doorknob stops spinning...all is silence...

*~BOOM~* your door goes flying and you duck to prevent it from hitting you. You begin screaming as you look up and there are angry people rushing into the room and they begin to beat on you yelling,"We know you saw the Crimson Dragon! Tell us where he is!" All you can do is hear the shouts and feel the beating.

A loud deep voice says quietly,"Leave the child alone." You look up and see TheNightWind standing in the doorway as his eyes glow firy red. The angry people begin running for there lives jumping out of the windows in the room. TheNightWind approaches you and lends out a hand to pull you up. You stand up by yourself and you say while crying,"leave me alone..." You turn around and sit on the bed. TheNightWind approaches you again and says,"You are not safe must go." You look at him with a startled look. He pulls you up and you both walk down the hall and he opens a small door. You crawl through it and he says,"Go 5 miles south and you will reach a hole in the wall of the Kingdom. Crawl out there...and you will be safe."

You get up and begin running for your life till you reach the wall. You see the hole and slip out.

You look around and you reach a river and kneel down to it and begin drinking the water furiously. "Hello." says a small voice from behind. You quickly turn around and there is a small fairy flying there. You reply quietly,"Um....hi." "Follow me!" said the fairy with a giggle.

What do you do now?

Follow the fairy
or try to find a way out?