You stand there horrified as you stare at his firey red eyes. All of a sudden the fire in the fireplace begins to uproariously burn. You look at TheNightWind terrified. He chants and you feel a cold chill down your spine. He continues,"I will send you back to where you came from...But...If you tell anyone that you have seen the Crimson Dragon...You will return here and be my slave for all eternity. To make sure you don't tell, I have placed a spell upon you..." You look at him terrified not even sure what he is going to do.

He opens a portal and says,"Go traveller..." You quickly step through the portal and you appear in the room you were in at the very beginning. You see the strange man as he looks at you shocked. You begin screaming and run out of the room and down the street.

The next day, you decide to investigate this. You walk back to the place and when you walk into the room. It is empty and nothing is around. The strange man had left....

                The End
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