You look at her and shake your head groggily, "No... I already ate and drink and.. so on." you can't help but puke at that stuff.

A knock comes to the door as she runs to it. You hear shoutings and you get scared. You dive into a cabinet on the floor and shut the door listening. You hear people running into the rooms checking to see if other people are here.

You hear one set of footprints walk into the kitchen. You hear it opening and closing the cabinets one by one.. it's coming closer and closer... closer and closer.. with each loud bang...

Oh no! Your cabinet door slowly opens with a little crack. suddenly you hear "What do you think you are doing? Let's go!" The cabinet door stops opening and you hear both sets of footprints run out of the room.

You sit in the cabinet for hours scared... What do you do?

Climb out and see what's going on
or Remain in there and wait longer?