You decide to go ahead and follow her plans to train you. You look around and take the knife Skylark hands you. She then says,"We are going to sit here all day till you make a bulls eye on the tree." You look at her and and you toss the dagger missing it over and over...

Hours fly by like crazy as your arms grow tired as you continue to toss the daggers at the tree, occasionally making some stick to the tree but none to the bullseye sign on the tree. You are tired, hungry and just want to sit. You look at Skylark and you are amazed at how she is sitting there all ok, not slouching over and not hungry.

You sit down but she walks to you,"nuh uhh..." she pulls you up and continues,"not till you get a dagger in the bullseye..." You look at her angrily and grab the dagger from her belt and you fling it to the tree and it sticks right in the middle of the bullseye on the tree. You then look back at skylark and say quietly,"now can I sit?!" she looks at you shocked and nods.

You sit down and you queitly gasp in pain. This is too much training for you. You have got to get out soon and now! You look at Skylark and she stares at you. You look back down at the ground sighing deeply. Skylark approaches you and pulls you up and walks you to a river and she tosses you in. "You will stay in that river for 3 hours." She says while trying to hold her laughter.

You try to climb out but she pushes you back in...

Now what do you do?

Begin fighting her to get loose and run
or just stay in the river till she lets you out?