You drink the stuff she gives you and you begin to feel groggy. You get up all confused knocking stuff over. She holds you tight and says,"Let it all sink into you..."

Your stomach begins to squeeze in pain as you fall to the floor. Skylark sits next to you holding you saying,"calm down will help you.." You don't care what she is saying to you...she is the reason that you are going through tremendous pain.  You look up and your vision slowly gets blurry. All you can do is scream in pain wondering when it's going to stop. You fall over and and begins to sleep from the pain.

Skylark stands up and drags you into a bed room and lays you onto the bed. "I have found a pupil..." she says evilly as she stares at you while you are asleep.

The next day, the sun shines on you and you wake up still feeling groggy....probably the murky stuff still lingering in your stomach. Skylark walks into the room with a tray and she sets it on your lap. "eat child." she says sternly. You look at her and back at the food.

what do you do now?

Eat the food that Skylark has given you
or refuse it?