You toss the cup aside and you go flying out of the door freaking out...You look behind as you are running and Skylark is right behind your tail running faster and faster getting closer and closer...

You run into the woods hoping you will lose her. You go jumping over fallen logs and ducking under branches. You trip over a trap and you are pulled into the air in a net. Skylark walks out and looks at you. "hmmm....not the usual meat I would eat, but you would just have to do." she says as she smiles evilly. You begin to panic thinking,"She wouldn't actually eat me...would she?" She cuts the string and you fall to the ground with a thud. "ow...I wonder how many more bruises I will get before the day is over..." you mumble to yourself.

She pulls you up and begins tying you up as she talks,"You are lucky I didn't kill you. I kill all those who runs. You will make a nice slave, you are young and seemingly strong. And no child, I wouldn't eat you. Why did you refuse to drink it?" You reply nervously,"Because...I'm not thirsty." She nods and says quietly,"uh huh..."

She leads you back to the home and unties you. She then hands you a bloody knife and laughs quietly,"Go into the kitchen and make me something to eat." She pushes you into the kitchen and locks the door. You begin to quietly gag at the rotten stench in the air.

What do you do now?

Take a nearby animal corpse and begin preparing food
or run to the windows to try to escape once again.