You take a nearby blanket and you lay on the floor covering yourself and you are too afraid to blow out the candle flame. You let it burn as you sleep.

"Traveller?" Skylark says as she kneels down. You open your eyes and it is morning, the sun shines in the room and you look at her. She has a sad look and she says,"I am so sorry for locking you up in here all day and all night." She pulls you up and walks to a stove and pulls out some eggs and begins cooking on the stove. Seems the fire in the stove never went out overnight. "The room smells alot better and I don't know how you cleaned all this." Skylark says as she smiles. You are too angry to smile back but you still smile. I mean, today couldn't be worse than it was yesterday...

She hands you a plate with two eggs and a strip of meat on it. You begin to eat it hungrily and she stands there watching you feeling terrible. You want to get back at her by eating more but you aren't that kind of person. You slow your eating and say,"Thank you ma'am." She opens the back door and you look out. You begin walking outside and she shuts the door behind you.

You're free! You begin running faster and faster running farther and farther hoping to get far away from this place. *CRASH* before you know it, you are on the ground with a disgruntled man. "oops....sorry?" you say nervously.

He pushes you off and puts his foot onto your chest and looks at you,"You babbling fool!" He says angrily. He pulls out a long sword and raises it in the air.

What do you do now?

Do you begin screaming
or just stare in horror?