Name: Abbadon

Nickname(s): Angel of the Abyss

Occupation: chaos bringer

Age: unknown

Physical Appearance: either a slightly built drow elf, or a 12 ft tall demonic figure with reddish black scales and wings and barbed tail.

Race: demon...(based loosely on a balor(ad&d))

Birthplace: unknown....somewhere in the abyss

Weapons: Barbed steel whip and a flaming longsword

Magick, no or yes?: yes

If yes, Abilities: fire magick, necromancy combat and defensive magick. also, some psychic abilities, dealing with control and pain.

History: Became bored with the endless bickering and backstabbing of the abyss. came to the mortal lands to forment chaos and disorder. while he is an evil being, he isn't adverse to helping others if it appeals to his sense of humour.

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