Name: Aelwynn Nokomis


Occupation: healer, singer

Age: Never thought to count

Physical Appearance: blond hair, 4 5, gentle demeanor

Race: elf

Birthplace: Oak Grove Holt

Weapons: none

Magick: no or yes?: yes

If yes, Abilities: Healing, Rainbow (changes the color of something), Camoflage (helps her hide, making her unnoticeable to the eye so long as she holds still, but she is still smellable, touchable, etc), mend (magically mends broken items).

History: Aelwynn came to Fantasy when her holt was burned to the ground by humans. Baffled, she nevertheless holds no grudge against humans in general, though she fears the group that burned her home. During the attack against her holt, she lost her dear fairy friend, Brightwing. In Fantasy, however, she met Dragonmyst, and seeing his pixie magic, reminisced about Brightwing. Dragonmyst told her to cup her hands and when she did, he created a light within her hands. He then instructed her to close her hands, which she did. Dragonmyst kept humming, and finally told her to open her hands, and there within her hands was her lost friend. "Is she real?" Aelwynn asked. And Dragonmyst answered, "As real as your memories of her."

Aelwynn found a job at the Dark Tavern, but soon took to wandering, frightened away from Fantasy by the violence that seemed to be everywhere. She continues to wander, but as yet has found nowhere to call home. Brightwing accompanies her always.

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