Name: Aelyk Fae


Occupation: Occupation? You mean... Like a job?? ::laughs::

Age: 3 (I will leave it to you to figure out what increments Iím using! ::giggles::)

Physical Appearance: blue eyes, golden hair, pale skin, elven ears, pale lavender fairy wings. Favors loose fitting blue toned wraps.

Race: Faery

Birthplace: I donít remember... Isnít that funny?

Weapons: none.

Magick: no or yes?: yes

If yes, Abilities: When sheís angry, she buzzes furiously, and white powder poofs out of nowhere, drifting and settling on the object of her ire, freezing it into a statue for a short period of time.

She also is able to shrink things and other individuals down to her size. This is very useful, but she isnít able to make it permanent on living things. Non-living things she can make it stay that way if she wants to.

History: Aelyk went exploring, flittering in the garden of a cabin where away from anywhere. She got curious and flew in the window of the cabin. There she found a man, but he didnít like fairies and tried to swat her. Annoyed, she refused to leave, hiding in little places and peeking into things. Looking amongst his shelves, she found a little box, and inside the box she found a pretty little necklace which she put on. The man got very excited and upset, noticing instantly. She took it off, alarmed, but slowly grew to understand that the necklace - or bracelet as he told her it truly was - was able to deliver pain to the man. Though he locked the bracelet away, she carefully stole the key and then stole the bracelet. She flew away with it, the man yelling after her in frustration that she didnít understand.........

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