Name: Corbin


Occupation: child

Age: 10 years old

Physical Appearance: Black hair, black eyes, slender. Though clearly a child, he has a look in his eyes that gives one the impression of many years of experience... He is careless of his dress, like most children, though he favors clothes of black and silver or gray. He generally appears to be a cheerful individual.

Race: Human

Birthplace: He was born in the woods of Fantasy Gathering, though he spent the majority of his childhood in the Vast Night Kingdom.

Weapons: He carries no weapons, though he has hidden Jarred’s glaive within Eidolon, and only he knows where it is. The glaive was fashioned by elven weaponsmith, Talon Darklighter for Jarred Ramsay. It is a replica of the legendary glaive from Krull, being a circular weapon with several retractable blades of elven steel. It is thrown like a ninja star (or a frisbee, if you’ll excuse the comparison), and is enchanted with recall. It can be recalled from any location, even across dimensions. Set in the center of the glaive is an onyx stone, also enchanted to be one with the weapon, bestowing upon the glaive the ability of the onyx stone to absorb souls. Due to the size of the onyx stone, however, it can only hold two souls at one time.

Magick: no or yes?: Yes

If yes, Abilities: limited telepathy, limited empathy, and imagination. The telepathy and empathy are natural abilities rather than magick. He gets these from his father, Jarred Ramsay, though it is a limited form. He is able to communicate via telepathy, though little more, at least so far. His empathy is actually rather strong, and it requires a severe form mental blocking in order for him to not feel what others feel. He has not yet learned, however, to draw damage nor health, and it is unknown if he is even capable.

Imagination is the only magick which Corbin can do, yet it is extremely powerful within its own limits. That which Corbin imagines becomes reality IF and only for so long as Corbin sincerely believes in its reality.

History: Having tormented and watched Jarred Ramsay for some time, Draegon cast a spell on Jarred, causing him to become pregnant, bringing him to term and labor within moments. Angel of Mercy took pity on Jarred and put him to sleep, delivering the child via c-section. Corbin has three parents - Draegon, Jarred, and his mother, known only to him as Mom. Draegon taught Corbin to love all three of his parents, and he did, being fiercely loyal.

Draegon slowly revealed to Jarred and others that his son was in fact the reincarnation of his brother, Cordell. It is still unknown how Draegon managed to accomplish this, though it seems likely that it has something to do with the fact that Cordell’s spirit was released into the Gem Forest, and Draegon had some power over the forest due to his soul-link with Gem.

Corbin witnessed the death of his Da, Jarred, at the hands of Cyril Valkin. Outraged, Draegon captured Cyril, but then made use of him to train Corbin... Thus it was Corbin who actually tortured and killed Cyril, as punishment to “make him sorry” for killing his Da. In the course of this, Draegon showed Corbin how to block his empathy, though it left Corbin nearly completely numb. When Cyril cursed Corbin, Corbin lost his temper and accidentally “popped” Cyril, whom he had inflated like a balloon.

Shortly after Cyril’s death, Corbin was kidnapped by a woman named Eliza and her friend Tagget. Eliza was one of Draegon’s newly acquired concubines, and she obtained permission to remove Corbin from the Vast Night Kingdom for “a surprise gift.” Instead, she threw a powder on Corbin, nulling his magic, at which point Tagget bound him to a table and sewed his eyes shut. Apparently tweaking the aging magic of the Vast Night Kingdom, Eliza caused Corbin’s aging to speed up drastically, turning him into an old man near the point of death. They then dumped him in the Dark Enchanted Woods and left him there to die.

Found by Merloch and Gem Bluestone, Corbin was taken to Castle Krepta. Using his mental magic, Merloch discovered that this apparently senile old man was not only the young child Corbin, but also the memories of Cordell Ramsay, for the advanced aging brought out all of the memories that Draegon had meant to bring out slowly. More than a little confused by this new set of memories, Corbin was most concerned by the fact that this “other person” seemed to be an enemy of his beloved Papa, Draegon.

For Corbin’s sake, Kyla and Gem conspired secretly and helped Corbin bring Draegon to Castle Krepta. Draegon reversed the aging, taking him to just before his eyes were sewn shut, thus repairing that as well. Draegon sent Corbin home to Vast Night Kingdom. After spending some time with his mother, Corbin turned his attention to building Eidolon, his own realm of imagination which was nearly destroyed by his loss of magic.

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