Name: Crimson Scarlet

Nickname(s):oh my... ummm... Ganjikali Caru, Lover_Girl, Ice Pheonix,Sun Angel, and that's all i can really think of at the moment.

Occupation:I am a Colour Weaver. I weave all of the shades of red.


Physical Appearance:Medium length brown hair, brown eyes, about 5'7,130lbs

Race:Colour Weaver

Birthplace:I was born from Prisma Whitecrystal. The ruler of all theColour Weavers.

Weapons:nothing, if I have something, it's like a dagger or something small

Magick: no or yes?:YEAH!!!! that's like my source of power...

If yes, Abilities:Like I said before, I can weave all of the shades of red.

History: Well, Prisma Whitecrystal created me, and several other Colour Weavers. Recently, I have been on the run, because we (Azure Indigo andI) have her sword. She stole it from the new ruler, Raindana Bow. After Prisma died she took power into her own hands... controlling everyone. So we are making it a point that she doesn't get it.

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