Name:Lady Nissa Kenador-Arnathal now Ramsay

Nickname(s):DarkMistress/Mistress Ramsay DM Dark One Darky



Physical Appearance:Brown eyes, Black hair 5'4" 120lbs black dress and cloak, soft leather boots that she dun wear less she has too



Weapons:cloak and flail, 6 daggers, onyx sword, shuriken

Magick: no or yes?:yes

If yes, Abilities:Medusa, soul steal, necromancy, resurection,

History:listed on my page (Page is here.)

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Ok, This is the interview I had with my Gramma. =o) And I do not know when I took this interview. Should've dated it.

GB=Gem Bluestone

<----beginning of interview---->
GB - State your name
DM - Lady Nissa Kenador Arnathal
GB - who is your loved one?
DM - KiloKja Tikan
GB - What race are you?
DM - Human
GB - What are some of your greatest life Achievements?
DM - My kids, my learning of Magick
GB - Yer peeves?
DM - peeves Hrmm being attacked without due cause, flooding in the rooms, people that come to chat for cyber only. newbies at times
GB - Tell me what you are ashamed of that happened in your life?
DM - the rape of me I felt ashamed cause I didn't 1.) expect it 2.) I was made to take it
GB - Wow... who are your family members?
DM - Fomhoire, Merloch, Biran, Red Dragon/Wolfie/Eric Draven, Drake Arnathal, Jade Arnathal, Pallaton Ramsay, Palladin Ramsay, and Hatchling of Light-Sons, Pearl Arnathal Daughter, Ice Dragoness, daughter
GB - What would you explain your personality to be?
DM - warm caring outgoing, friendly and bitchy when made mad
GB - *smirks* Who is like.. your total and bestest friend ever?
DM - Digitalis no contest
DM - and merloch too
GB - Thankies for the interview... ;) any last words?
DM - She is the Mistress, she is the dark...
        She is the shadows, unto which you embark...
        She is the fear from which you hide...
        She is the friend that walks at your side...
        She is the Mistress, this is her domain...
        She is the Mistress, in the darkness, she shall remain...
<----end of interview---->

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