Name: Ebony Rose of Malkav

Nickname(s): Ebony, Lestacia, Eb's and Lest.

Occupation: Vampyre with a Y... Malkavian, although I seem to be very sane at times..

Age: N/A

Physical Appearance: Black with ligh maroon hooded reversible velvet cloak, Never wear the same thing twice, Lots of styles of dresses and black and red constant color of choice..Tends to stand out in a crowd.

Race: Malkavian

Birthplace: Born a vampyre, Mother was bitten while in the woomb. Has the best of both worlds..

Weapons: My mind, sword and staff. small

Magick: no or yes?: Mind magick...

If yes, Abilities: Can take someone into her mind and read them like a book, Controls without the person knowing that they are being controlled.

History: N/A

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