Name:Fancy Sprite


Occupation:keeper of the glade


Physical Appearance:small winged sprite, short hair, long blue gown

Race:water sprite

Birthplace:the glade


Magick: no or yes?:yes

If yes, Abilities:able to perform water magic of any type, heal magic

History:a small sprite that was guarding the glade..a place where people and creatures go to escape life and be safe, met skyhawke when she was insane....met Dragonmyst soon afterwards. Watched over Hulartann for a time...gave my life to bring skyhawke back and our souls were joined for a time. Now am separate again and life mate to Dragonmyst. Able to become hunam and Golden Dragon due to a gem given to me by Dragonmyst. Have a white dragonet for a son.

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