Name: Fomhoire Ambrose Lindsay

Nickname(s): Fom, Fomy

Occupation: god of the underworld

Age: well over 60,000 yrs old

Physical Appearance: usually: black hair to mid back, black eyes, goatee, always wears leather pants and shirt, black velvet cloak, or leather trench, long sharpened nails, 7', muscular build, snow white skin

Race: no certan race unless you consider a god a race

Birthplace: the underworld

Weapons: onyx sword, bastard sword, boot dagger

Magick: no or yes?: yes

If yes, Abilities: immence abailities, dark magick holy magick earth magick spirit magick, you name it he can do it

History: to long to explain

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*laughs* Ok, Interviewing my father.. was crazy. =o)

GB=Gem Bluestone

<----beginning of interview---->
GB -*opens book*
GB - 1. State your name
GB - 2. who is your loved one?
GB - 3. What race are you?
GB - 4. Greatest life Achievements?
GB - 5. peeves?
GB - 6. Tell me what you are ashamed of that happened in your life?
F - 1. Fomhoire Lindsay
F - 2. My former wife Viperess
F - 3. God of the Underworld
F - 4. Becoming God of the underworld
F - 5. Newbies like Thrall
F - 6. I lost my wife
F - Anything else?
GB - *smirks* That was simple and to the point... who are your siblings and family members?
F - ::laughs:: siblings: merloch, predator, gandalf, prophetess,
GB - who else?
F - ::looks at gem:: family members: black kin kad (cousin) gem (son) DM (mother), dmyst related somehow.
F - and who else?
F - ::thinks::
GB - I can tell you have a big family... If you had to pick one family member you really like and appreciate, who would it be?
F - I couldn't just pick one, i love all of em and I appreciate all of em
GB - *smiles* good answer. =o) never would have thought of that myself.
<----end of interview------>

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