Name: Jorael Ramsay


Occupation: Unemployed

Age: 28

Physical Appearance: brown hair, brown eyes, short beard, 5’ 11”, slim build

Race: Human

Birthplace: Belamy

Weapons: Dragon hilted brightblade - a magical sword which possesses Jorael as much as Jorael possesses the sword, though he will never admit to this. The sword is capable of performing magic on command, in addition to vanishing and appearing at Jorael’s call. Jorael bears a mark on his right (sword) hand, branded there when he first took possession of the blade.

Magick: no or yes?: None, except for his sword. He is, however, a psychic. (see abilities below)

If yes, Abilities: Telepathy (includes influence thoughts), Empathy (includes draw damage and draw health), Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis

History: Jorael is currently the eldest sibling in the Ramsay clan. His youngest brother, Cordell, came to Fantasy, much to Jorael’s misgiving. Jorael continued to watch, dismayed when, upon Cordell’s death, Jarred went to take Cordell’s place. After losing both brothers and his castle and lordship besides, Jorael journeyed to the Vast Night Kingdom in an effort to harass Draegon, the family nemesis. He also hoped to keep an eye on his sister, Kyla, who had inexplicably fallen in love with Draegon.

In the Vast Night Kingdom, Jorael wound up fathering 8 children, (it is a long long story). Two of the children were Draegon’s idea, the matches being forced, and resulting in two human children, Lowell and Cessa. The remaining six were father while Jorael was a demon (transformed by Draegon). In retribution for Draegon being with his sister, Kyla, Jorael sought various of Draegon’s wives and slept with them, resulting in six half demon children, Maxxeurs, Comar, Elijah, Josiah, Search and Kathleen. All of the sons have horns and a tail, while Kathleen has horns and goat legs but no tail.

When Draegon discovered Jorael’s actions, he returned Jorael to human form, though he gave Jorael a row of spines down his back as punishment. He also removed Jorael’s memory of his time as a demon, though Jorael was informed of this. Of the six half demon children, Search and Kathleen were promised to a demon expert by their respective mothers. The demon began training them until Jorael intervened. Indifferent, the demon informed Jorael that he would wait until the children were 18, at which time they could decide for themselves whether they desired training or not. Jorael accepted this, only to realize later that these two babies were now aging at a rapid pace....

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