Name: Khaos Tikan

Nickname(s): Brute, Warlord, Flesheater, Oz

Occupation: Warlord, Practitioner of the Arts, Amatuer Occultist

Age: 1281, 19... pick one.

Physical Appearance: Umm..... look at my page to find out. (Page is here.)

Race: Brakkhnon Daemon/ Half Soul Elven

Birthplace: Hell.... USA.... the same thing....

Weapons: Claws, Long Sword of Asmodeus, Toy Dart Gun

Magick: yes or no?: How about maybe so?

If yes, Abilities: Fleshcraft, Sikras Fire, Soul Reaper, Invocation of Candy

History: Used to be alive... is now damned to walk the earth as one of Hell's soldiers.... used to routinely visit the land of Oz. :o)

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*laughs* This is the interview I had with Khaos... I don't remember when I did this interview.. should've dated it. *wink*

GB= Gem Bluestone
KT= Khaos Tikan

<----Beginning of Interview----->
GB - Yer name?
KT - Jacquio Tikan
KT - Better known as Khaos Tikan.
GB - Who is your loved one?
KT - Naetell Tikan
GB - What race are you?
KT - Brakkhnon Daemon.
KT - Next?
GB - Greatest life Achievements?
KT - My wife.
GB - Is that all?
KT - No.
KT - My friends.
KT - And my wife.
GB - peeves?
KT - Peeves?
KT - Disrespect.
KT - Arrogance.
KT - Clones.
GB - Is that all?
KT - No, That isn't all.
KT - Know it alls.
GB - Know it alls?
KT - You know what I mean Gem.
GB - Yes, I do. heh...
GB - Tell me what you are ashamed of that happened in your life?
KT - Repeat the question Gem.
KT - Different wording.
GB - All righty... Did something happen in your life that you are ashamed about?
KT - ;;looks at Gem;;
KT - Dragon Dagger.
GB - hmm.. changing subject. Who are your siblings?
KT - KiloKja Tikan, and my cousin Ronin.
GB - What are some special moves or spells you have?
KT - Fleshcraft, Spirit Speed, Abaddon's Strength Boost, Gabriels Holy Flame... want more?
GB - Should I know more?
KT - You know some of the rest.
KT - Contract Summoning
KT - Umm...
KT - Hmm...
GB - So you are an Occultist. What is that for those who do not know what one is?
KT - Oh boy....
KT - ;;looks for the words;;
GB - Should I ask a different question?
KT - Good thought.... been up for around 25 hours.
GB - heh... I am practically out of questions to ask.
GB - What would you describe yer personality as?
KT - Hmmm..
KT - Quick to Anger
KT - Vicious.
KT - Kindhearted
KT - Loyal.
KT - Umm.
KT - Honest.
KT - ;;grins;;
KT - Irritable.
GB - I see I see...
GB - If you had to pick one person that is your best friend, who would it be?
KT - Hmmmmm.....
KT - It would have to be a tie between you and DM.
GB - Oh? *smile* You rule buddy. *thinks he should start sucking up*
GB - Well, outta questions. Any last words?
(no reply)
<------end of interview------>

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