Name: Kyla Ramsay


Occupation: Draegonís consort, otherwise currently unemployed

Age: 22

Physical Appearance: slender, 5í 4Ē, long brown hair, green eyes, favors practical, modest clothing.

Race: Human

Birthplace: Belamy

Weapons: none

Magick: no or yes?: Yes

If yes, Abilities: shapeshift (limited to two forms that she was born with the ability to shift to - black unicorn, and a wolf), dreamsong visions, summon nightmare, induce nightmare, limited heal, soothe (eases pain but doesnít heal),

History: Kyla is Cordell Ramsayís sister, the youngest of the original set of Ramsay siblings. She visited Fantasy once in awhile, but found it rather alarming, though she became quite fond of Asiiniseth. She also wound up taking care of Cecil Ravenwingís baby daughter for a little while, though she was eventually required to give her back. This was very hard for her, as she was unable to have children of her own, due to the fact that if she has a little girl, it will kill her. Magic in woman is very rare in Belamy, as the mother always dies, her own magic passing to her daughter, and essentially ripped from her at birth. Most female sorceresses choose a celibate lifestyle.

Kyla assisted and comforted Jarred during his distress over his son, Corbin. Corbin was taken from Jarred by Draegon on the grounds that he could not adequately protect him. Conversing with Jarred, they discussed that Corbin was actually in good hands, that Draegon was devoted to the child. Jarred described for Kyla how he even managed to sneak a look into Draegonís private thoughts, searching for information on Corbinís mother, who - according to Draegon - had been used, abused and left traumatized in some ditch somewhere in order to obtain the child with which he had impregnated Jarred. In truth, however, Jarred found that Corbin was with his mother, both happy and healthy.

This led Kyla to believe that Draegon was far kinder than he allowed others to believe. And as she watched Corbin grow into a sweet young child, she became convinced of it. Unavoidably attracted to Draegon due to his magical magnetism, she nevertheless resisted his attentions to her, knowing she could not dare to have children. After Jarredís death, Draegonís attentions became more forward, driving Jorael to fits of fury.

Incensed by Kylaís own fascination with his nemesis, and under the influence of a demonic nature, Jorael locked Kyla in her room to protect her. Frightened by her brotherís loss of reason, Kyla summoned Brillig, her nightmare protector, and had him burst her door. She fled to Raelís Hollow, Jarredís home in Fantasy. Merloch spoke with her, trying to convince her of Draegonís evil nature. In the course of discussion, he allowed that Draegon was capable of determining the sex of a child before it was born...

Draegon came to see her there, but he was in dreadful shape, and dying. Drawn to him, and more than a little intrigued by his ability to set the sex of an unborn baby, Kyla chose to follow him, accompanying him home to the Vast Night Kingdom. Not wanting to be accused of kidnapping her, Draegon built Kyla her own home within his kingdom, yet outside the barriers, so that she could come and go as she pleased. He then took up residence with her.

Jorael confronted the two, but Draegon vowed to keep only to Kyla for so long as she loved him. Jorael was highly dubious of the truth of this, though in his travels among Draegonís wives, it appeared to be quite true. Draegon also gave Jorael permission to punish him if he ever willingly hurt Kyla in any way. Having no real choice - since Kyla chose to be with Draegon anyway - Jorael accepted this grudgingly. Kyla was already pregnant with Draegonís son....

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