Name: Arshes Nei

Nickname(s): Ashy Knees, LAN

Occupation: Rogue Warrior...joined the Dragon Clan

Age: Dont know precisely (i look 23) mortal or immortal---> (?)

Physical Appearance: Tall, Slender, Dark toned Skin, with long silky black hair, Red eyes

Race: half Dark Elf half Humain

Birthplace: unknown

Weapons: Sword (seldom use it) hand to hand combat

Magick: no or yes?: yes

If yes, Abilities: Ability to maipulate Lightning and thunder, Visionnary, and illusionnist, ability to communicate telepathically and levitate

History: Arshes was abandonned by her clan very young because of the fact that she wasent a pure Dark Elf. therefore remembers not much of her past, birthplace, and so on..Shes been Rescued by a msyterious stranger named Dark Schneider who brought her up as the child he never had. He taught her how to fight, and how to controll the gifts she possesed from her heritage and she became a very powerfull warrior who fought by his side. She grew attached to him... she grew up though he did not age on account of his immortality...and so they became lovers but slowly drifted apart....

Arshes travelled throughout the world helping people on her path and soon made many allies through her good deeds. She formed a great Army with those who wished to combat for peace and destroy all evil opposing so.

That was long ago...

In one battle involving a great enemy that she terribly underestimated she lost practically everything and everyone by her side.. in Despair, she escaped with her life knowing that if she fought him now, she would surely die. Now she hides...among her new friends planning another attack to avenge her lost cohorts.

She is quite fond of the new faces she met while visiting a forest in the land of Geocities. She currently resides there, on a couch, near her neighbor, Ary McKade. Shes made a home of the Gem forest for now and is learning to enjoy the pleasure of like, loving again....and ice cream.

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