Name: Naetell Tikan


Occupation: Healer/Protecter

Age: 102

Physical Appearance: 2 pairs of long (19ft. wing span)Pale white wings, Light golden hair that cascades about her shoulders, eyes change color upon her mood, pale skin tones, a petite size body but do not be dont want to make her mad.

Race: Apprentice Seraphim

Birthplace: Forgotten

Weapons: Hands, C-Mages Robe

Magick: no or yes?: Yes

If yes, Abilities: Gabriel's Holy Flame, Healing Light, Fleshcraft, Earthcraft, Divine Shield, Darklight Barrier, Holy Absorb Light Heal, Heavy Heal, Holy Spirit (50% revival), Regeneration, Regen Booster

History: Is married to Khaos Tikan (and will love him for eternity), has a son named Kriosis (father is wished to be nameless)...Becomes fiercly protective over her close friends and loved ones, kind hearted although very quick to anger,very observant and stays quiet most of the time, words of advice "Dont piss a Seraphim off things could get scary".

This one was a practice interview... but I decided to post it anyways...

GB=Gem Bluestone
NT=Naetell Tikan

<----beginning of interview---->
GB - Hello.. *sits* State your name please.
NT - ::grins::
NT - ::sits also::
NT - GOD.. I mean...Uh... Nae ::giggles::
GB - Your full name please...
NT - Naetell Tikan
NT - I think
NT - Oops wait. nevermind.
NT - nevermind
NT - yeah thats right
GB - You talk alot. *smirks* Who is your hubby?
NT - the most wonderfullest, smartest, chaotic, loving, blah blah blah.....person I know
GB - And that would be?
NT - Khaos Tikan
GB - I see, what race are you?
NT - hmmm
NT - elf/seraphim
NT - /human
GB - I see, Many who are of many races believe they are "mutts", Do you believe you are one?
NT - nope
GB - How old are you?
NT - 17 in people years
NT - i forget in angel time
GB - and in elfin age?
NT - ::shrugs:: who knows
GB - What do you believe would be your greatest life achievement ever?
NT - Khaos....
NT - ::smiles::
NT - thats it by far
GB - I see, What are your peeves?
NT - cant you just read my profile?
GB - No. =oP
GB - Yer peeves?
NT - ::sighs::
GB - Ok, I can tell I am becoming a peeve.. let's move on.
NT - fighting...
NT - ::thinks::
NT - baaaaad evil people
GB - Oh? *smirks* everyone hates those.
NT - well so do i !
GB - *nods* Tell me what you are ashamed of that happened in your past?
NT - ::shakes her head:: nooooooo
NT - ::jumps up angrily::
NT - ::walks behind the bar::
GB - Have I said something wrong?
NT - gem i dont like to bring up not good things
NT - ::folds her arms::
NT - they make me SAD
NT - ::makes sad face::
GB - Oh... sorry... well, we can end the interview if you want to?
NT - yeah.... gem. maybe some other time
NT - ok?
GB - sure.
<----end of interview------>

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