Name: Pallaton Ramsay

Nickname(s): Ton

Occupation: He plans to grow up and be just like his father.

Age: 7

Physical Appearance: 4'9", short black hair, wears mostly brown clothes.

Race: Human


Weapons: no

Magick: no or yes?: yes

If yes, Abilities: Can share his abilities (magick abilities) with his brother as well as using his brother's abilities (mind abilities) if granted. Make people into candies when he is hungry (If he can get away with it.).


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I took this interview a couple days before I learned of Ton's death... *frowns slightly*

GB=Gem Bluestone
Ton=Pallaton Ramsay

<----Beginning of Interview---->
GB - What's yer name?
Ton - Ton!
GB - *smirks* so Ton, who do you love?
Ton - mommy and daddy and din!
GB - Who's your mom and dad?
Ton - mommy and daddy is mommy and daddy
GB - Ohhh.. I see... do you know what race you are?
Ton - I win all races!
GB - *smirks* Who are your friends?
Ton - the lady of the lake
GB - Can you tell me about her?
Ton - yeah, she no like dirty people who make her water dirty.
GB - *smirks* I see.. I see...
GB - Who are your siblings?
Ton - the lady of the lake
GB - I mean who are your brothers and sisters?
Ton - Din!
GB - Who is your bestest friend of them all?
Ton - daddy and mommy!
GB - What are there names? Do you know?
Ton - mommy and daddy
GB - What are there real names, Ton?
Ton - mommy and daddy
GB - They have a real name, besides "mommy and daddy".
Ton - oooooooooooo I go tell mommy and daddy that you say they lie and that they liars and i go tell on you right now! ::runs away::
GB - Ton!
GB - crap... gonna have to explain all this to Gramma...
<----end of interview---->

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