Name: Not directly translatable, but "WindRider" is close enough.

Nickname(s): Pitch

Occupation: Lt. Col. in the United Systems Marine Corps

Age: 23 human years

Physical Appearance: He appears as a vaguely humanoid feline. His fur is obsidian black and his eyes are firey red. He stands about eight and a half feet tall and weighs over five hundred pounds. He doesn't wear clothes, but he does have a silver cat pendant that he always wears.

Race: Untranslatable in human languages.

Birthplace: Earth

Weapons: Myriad technological goodies. But most importantly, razor sharp claws and teeth.

Magick: no or yes?: Special

If yes, Abilities: He is trained as a wizard and can create many spells, but his race has anti-magic running through their bodies. Only a special enchantment or enchanted item can reverse the polarity of this anti-magic. Otherwise, magic is ineffectual and merely severely injures him.

History: A brief episode in his life. . .

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