Sparky, raven shaman's familiar.

Name: Eryne

Nickname(s):Maverick, The Wind, Ghost Who Walks Inside, Guardian, Raven,TheGreat Bear, Black Feather

Occupation: Freelancer

Age: well over 145 years old, but doesn't look older than 30, in humanyears.

Physical Appearance: Raven stands 6'5",he is 235 pounds. His hair is a deep, rich forest green, usually kept at Hip length in a segmented ponytail. He limps from a old fight, but it doesn't effect his fighting style, much. His shoulder is slightly out of alignment from an accident he rarely talks about. His eyes are a piercing black, and has an olive-tan pigment skin.

Race: Raven appears to be human.

Birthplace: Raven won't say were he's from.

Weapons: Raven prefers a staff, but when times are tight, he's capable of using any type of weapon. His favourite weapon of is a 6' carved oakstaff with Cordell engraved in the middle, and a crow on one end and a raven on the other. When times get tough, he attaches a halberd blade to the end of it and is equally deadly as it is errily beautiful.

Magick: no or yes?:Yes.

If yes, Abilities: Raven's abilities vary greatly, from a minor healing spell to ritual sorcery in which life is restored. He prefers to store his magic reserves, wanting the element of surprise. Raven will never turn away a person in need of healing without a just cause.

History: Raven is a loner. He doesn't join guilds, but he will stand with a group if the cause is just. He prefers being alone or with the ones he cares for. He won't discuss openly his life, but he is often sympathetic to the moral and the meek. He is a great protector, and has a good listening ear, but crossing him is not high on anyone's to-do list, For hell hath no fury as the Madcap's rage...

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