Name: Red Dragon

Nickname(s): Red,RD,Wolfie,Eric Draven

Occupation: survive

Age: ummmm i saw the big bang

Physical Appearance: im just to damn cute to tell ya

Race: Soul Dragon

Birthplace: I was summoned on a altar in Eygpt

Weapons: Dragon Blade,Black Oynx Blade,gold guns,shotgun,sledgehammer,25 throwing knives and 14 daggers which i keep inside me and i summon when needed.

Magick: no or yes?: yes

If yes, Abilities: I get the magic abilities form the souls i steal so i can really name them

History: oh wow history umm lets see I was summoned to this dimmension by Ramat Nassir to steal souls he killed his only son so i killed him and now i jusy reside in fantasy married to the lovely Calypso

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