Name: Sade Ravine

Nickname(s): none

Occupation: none

Age: 23

Physical Appearance: Black and red feathered wings, hair hangs far down his back, usually seen in a black cloak, with an etching on the back depicting a crimson bladed sword, pointed upward, representing his alignment to fire, at the base of the sword's hilt is a forest green pentacle, representing his alignment to earth

Race: 1/2 ArchAngel(ArchAngel of Fire) 1/2 Dark Elf

Birthplace: The Mountains of Garion Weavers.

Weapons: Wields a rune-etched scythe with a razor sharp, unbreakable, obsidian glass blade small

Magick: no or yes?: yes

If yes, Abilities: Extremely advanced pyromancy, slightly weaker geomancy, Several tainted healing methods

History: Sade Ravine is the bastard son of Michael, Archangel of fire. His mother, Marion Ravine was high-priestess in a cult of dark elves who dwelled in the moutains of Garion. She invoked Michael in order to increase the power of her cult, but he refused to grant her her wish. He did, however, find her very attractive, and her will, she was taken as his lover, and abandoned. Her pregnancy was quickly known to her, as her term was shorter than that of a natural impregnation. Within a week she showed full signs of a normal nine month term. Marion died giving birth to the child, his ungodly hot body melting her internal organs as well as her outer flesh as he was pulled from her. She lay there, lifeless and bloody, her singed flesh giving off a rancid aroma. The child was wrapped in flame retardant garb and taken in by the cult, who saw it as their duty to raise the son of their high-priestess. As the boy grew, he was never shown love by the cult, only resentment for what he had done to Marion. He took the name Sade for himself, as they chose not to even pay him the honor of dubbing him with one. At age 11, he left the moutains, and set out on his own, developing his own skills through trial and error. His father has yet to reveal himself to him, though he knows his origins, and truly detests the man whom abandoned his mother, as well as he himself. He currently dwells within the walls of a large fortress which drifts above the clouds, which he captured from a holy warrior in the recent months.

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