Name: Silver Dragoness

Nickname(s): Draggy

Occupation: Freedom fighter and protector of new comers to the land of fantasy

Age: unknown

Physical Appearance: a large female silver dragon with green eyes/human form she is a 5'5 female with red hair and green eyes. she is wearing a low cut tight black dress and black velvet slippers.

Race: dragon

Birthplace: the old world of fantasy

Weapons: none

Magick: no or yes?: yes

If yes, Abilities: healing and mental telepathy

History: not much is known about Draggy. she is normaly quiet and keeps to herself. a word of warning though... stay on her good side. she has one hell of a temper. She was one of the founders of fantasy. She is what is considered a REG. Although she is still around many say she is not the Draggy they remember....her heart seems to be filled with haterd. No one is sure why but the most popular theory is that she will never forget the fall of fantasy and the friends she lost in the great war.....

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