Name: skyhawke

Nickname(s): sky

Occupation: warrior/mage

Age: 250

Physical Appearance: long, reddish/black hair, 5'6", slim build, wears hunting leathers and a cloak, hair tied back with a green ribbon or flowing freely, leather boots

Race: Wood Elf

Birthplace: Quinesti

Weapons: "sword of sorrows" , poison dagger and cross-bow

Magick: no or yes?: yes

If yes, Abilities: adept in healing and battle magic

History: was both half Elven to an elf maid, father was a human warrior who raped my mother, was raised an outcast, blood was cleansed of its human taint by Avatar, currently married to Hulartann w/ a son Mehalel and a daughter by Avatar, Althena

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