Name: Talon Laerderon Darklighter

Nickname(s): Mielikki calls him "Moon Boy" and Kawaii Shonen... He's also been called the Son of Light by Almaphia and Mielikki, as well as a few others. Many call him M'lord as well.

Occupation: Elf-King, Warrior of Fate, Avenger of Luna, Protector of the DragonKrystal.

Age: 281

Physical Appearance: 6'7" with elvish features, long silver hair that reaches to mid-back. He has a silver-blue crescent moon on his forehead that often seems to glow, especially when he is in a highly emotional state. His eyes are a deep sapphire color and very dragonlike, which glow as well, much like the crescent. He usually wears a dark, smokey grey suit, with a long, black cloak that has many many hidden pockets... but recently he's started wearing black pants and no shirt. He's very well muscled, but is much stronger than he looks. Mmmm.... can't say too much more, cause my ego ain't that big.

Race: Stylaxian Elf

Birthplace: Altreas

Weapons: Crescent Blade, MoonBlade, Ignore pistol, Incendiary pistol, Elf-slaying dagger, Youko Slayer, and many more weapons of less notability.

Magick: no or yes?: Yes

If yes, Abilities: An adept in many forms of magic, including Lunar, Solar, Life, Death, Necromancy, Healing, Time, Destruction, Elemental Magics, Shadow Magics, Illusions. He's learning Youko magic and knows some, thanks to Mielikki, his wife. He's also learning Psionics and Daemon magic, as well as attempting to learn Divine magics. He has the ability to absorb the nature of a spell, should it be cast anywhere nearby, and learn it instantly. Tis a blessing, as well as a curse at times.

History: Go to my site if you want to know his history. I fear I don't have the patience to type that all out again. I also need to update as there have been some changes in his bio, so bear with me. (His Page is here)

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