Name: Thieftress

Nickname(s): Some brats call me Thiefy but do that and I'll slit your throat.

Occupation: What do you think?

Age: 23.

Physical Appearance: 5'8", a tall, thin, white woman. green eyes, blonde/brown hair.

Race: human

Birthplace: Gaian Realm

Weapons: ::forces a giggle:: Get near me and I'll show you something shiny and pointy in my boots.

Magick: no or yes?: hell no! magic is the work of the devil.

If yes, Abilities: This doesnt apply to me.

History: Thieftress was born in the Gaian Realm, Her parents being Quinn and Cathe Katelo. She was raised being exposed to stealing and crimes. She believed this was the way of life. When she left the Gaian Realm to travel, She murdered many, carving a trail of blood where-ever she went.

She met with a boy named Gem, She was about to kill him but he somehow coaxed her into keeping him. She was mesmorized by the gems in his eyes so she nodded, Keeping him around and eventually, She learned that crime is not the answer. She cursed at Gem's effect on her.

She isn't as cruel as she was before, If she made any attempt to steal, Her conscience would nag her so she just lounges around with in a bad mood, Just don't get on her last worn nerve because she wouldn't feel guilty about slitting your throat.

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