Name: Trinity

Nickname: Trin

Occupation: Innkeeper at the Elvenwood Inn

Age: 23

Physical Appearance: curly, dark, brown hair that reaches to mid- back, slender yet muscular build , green eyes, about 5'8", and has a rune etched on hershoulder blade.

Race: Half Cheysuli, a quarter Homanian, and another quarter mixedblood (her mother's race was never made clear to her) I suppose I should explain what a Cheysuli is since not many know of them. Cheysuli is a race of ppl who's male members bond with a certain animal (lir) and can assume their shape. Other attributes of the Cheysuli include healing talents and the power to take the willaway from a person through their minds.

Birthplace: Lestra, Homana

Weapons: throwing daggers and dirk

Magic: yeah, but besides healing she can only perform magic using runes. She uses strictly earth magic besides the artifacts and enchanted trinkets she finds.

History: this is a bit here goes... She was born in a small Cheysuli clan in Lestra, Homana to her Mother, Deitra and Father, Hennin. Her father began teaching her how to use a dagger as soon as she could hold one, much to Deitra's dismay. Trinity took to the weapon quite well and became quite skilled with itby the age eight. her mother insisted she learn the "traditional" skillsof a woman and trained Trinity in cooking and maintaining a family, Trinity didn't take to these teachings quite as well. At the age of eight she and her family moved to Clan Keep, a clan right outside of Homana's capital city, Mujhara. It was only after a year of settiling into their new home that Clan Keep was attacked by a Cheysuli hate group and burned to the ground. After witnessing the murder of her parents and friends Trinity barley managed to escape with her life and her father's dagger into the capital , Mujhara.

In Mujhara she was taken in by a local thieves guild who were impressed by her ability to somewhat hold her own in a fight. She fell into step with the routine of a thief and earned a good status among them. Secretly she hunted down the leader of the group who destroyedher clan and family. She was soon informed that a local member of the king's advisors who had often spoken out of his dislike of the "barbarians known as Cheysuli" was supposedly in charge of the wholeraid of Clan Keep. Blinded by the need for revenge Trinity tracked him down to his home one night. And while the advisor was sleeping she slit his throat. Finding that this didn't satisfy her enough she set flame tothe house and watched it burn til it was mearly ash. Returning to the thieves gulid with bitter pride she was shocked to find another Cheysuli clan had been burned down by the same man who had destroyed Clan Keep. sickened that she had killed an innocent man in such an dishonorable manner she ended the cycle of revenge and vowed never to kill anotherout of blind anger again.

Soon word of the location of the thieves guild reached the King and the immediate extermination of Trinity's guild was ordered. Luckily for her Trinity was off on business while the guild was being attacked and by the time she returned home it was all over. At age 18 she was again quite alone in the world. Finding that nothing was keeping her in Mujhara she hitched a ride with a traveling magic show. Her job was to go around the audience and relieve them of their gold pouches whilethey were watching the show. During her time spent with the caravan she picked up on some magic, and threw herself into the study of runemagic. She soon tired of her job as pickpocket and decided to look around fora more honest trade.

It was then that she met Oakly, a loud old man who was innkeeper at the Elvenwood Inn. Finding him a tolerable sort of man Trinity put the skills her mother had taught her so many years ago to use, andbecame the resident cook at the inn. Years past and Trinity found Oakly a fair employer. Oakly was only too happy to take her under his wing , since he had no family of his own as well, and he practically adopted her as his daughter. One winter though Oakly was taken badly with fever and being too old to fight it he passed away. On his death bed he left Trinity all his possessions including the inn. Again alone Trinity decided for once in her life that she wouldn't run.

She immediately threw herself head-long into the care of the inn and it's customers, finding a comfortable place of her own. But the old urge to travel seemed to naw at her. Mounting pressures aroundElvenwood made Trinity long for her past. So, after securing a strong ward around the Inn and gathering up her few important possessions (including hercat Brindle) she set out for Homana again, hoping that when she returns to Elvenwood tensions would be soothed.

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