Hello and welcome to my very first themed set. I might make more or not. Who knows? This themed set is done by me and it is as original as it can get. I would like to thank Fle$h personally for helping me with the border on the left and for the dividers (he made them transparent for me).


I also have prepared a smaller divider for you to use if you think the other one is too big.

If you really like this themed set, feel free to use it. This themed set is to ONLY be used on non-commercial pages or personal homepages. I would also appreciate you linking back to this site and use my graphic button below.

I make seperate buttons like the one shown just above to match each theme set. I mean...who wants a black button on a purple page?

Additional Info:The background is transparent. But if you wish to have the same purplish background, it is #9C94EF and the green text is #00FF00.