Wee One Blue Green Gem's Site Fights Index

Are the Site Fights a BIG place that you can get lost in? Well... Wee One Blue Green Gem to the rescue! hehehe... Below are some things that should help you though out the fights....

Most Important...
Wanna join The Site Fights?
Click here to find out!

You need voters to help you reach the Dome?
Then go to the DVote Exchange!

Make sure you post your Voting URL and your e-mail address when you post so that your voters won't have to dig through your page for it. Makes things go faster and smoother. =)

Go to the Site Fights Training Center...It provides info to help you after you have applied.

Ok, you just joined the Site Fights, Now what? Well, first, you need Spirit Pages! basically It is to cheer on your team and spread spirit!

Hmmm....How do I show my spirit?

Well...Go to the "Shout it Out"! It is where Site Fighters can go and shout there cheers....it can be about spirit, fun, and cheering your team on! But remember...no flaming other teams...not good competition.

what's a wee one or a fairy? And how can I be one?

*laughs* Many asked me what a wee one is...many knows what a fairy is. Well..a wee one is like a kid fairy in training! You have to be 18 or older to be a fairy...but if you are 17 and under...and you wanna show spirit...Then be a wee one!

A wee one dusts guestbooks..a way to spread spirit. They paste a graphic of a wing and lots of other glittery stuff, funky fonts and kewl stuff into your guestbook to spread spirit and to encourage you to shout it out!

Ok, wanna be a fairy? Go here to apply...Remember..must be 18 or over to be a  fairy. But...if you are under 18, apply here to be a wee one. The wee one application...It is an e-mail to DFairy, I became a wee one by e-mailing her asking for info to be a wee one. =)


*laughs* You can adopt practically ANYTHING at the Site Fights....there are sooo many! I plan to list them all...I hope I don't miss one..hehehe....

1. Adopt a Deputy Star

2. Adopt a Teeny Wizard

3. Adopt a Dragon

4. Tiger Adoption

5. Adopt a Walkabout

6. Cherub's Adoption Center
7. Tsali's Animal Totems

8. Adopt a Native American Baby DChamp

9. Adopt a Pirate

10. Adopt a DChamp

11. Adopt a Pharaoh's Guardian

12. Adopt a Site Fights egg

How do I keep in touch with my voters? How do I tell them my new Voting URL every week?

You can e-mail your supporters the new voting URL...You have a whole list of e-mails (Your voter's e-mails) you must put the e-mails in B.C.C. Chances are, your voters are going to reply to your e-mail and if you don't put it in B.C.C. It will send the e-mail to all the e-mail addresses and that will annoy your voters.

Also, you have to listen to what they want. Like, If they wish for daily

reminders..send them a short e-mail with your voting URL..don't make it long. If voters want Weekly, send it weekly...and if your voters do NOT want reminders at all. Do NOT send them any. They can report you to the Site fights for spamming and they can kick you out for that...

Remember..the point of this is to have FUN! =) Make friends, and spread spirit!

As obvious...I always miss out on something...so if ya have a question... e-mail me or go to the Site Fights...I am sure they will have the info...this is just a quickie index....hehehe...

*flutter flutter*

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