Welcome to my second Spirit Page, I guess I had toooo much spirit that it had to split into two pages..heehee!

Guess what! I also adopted triplets on April 3, 1998.

My, they are little hyper things, aren't they...*sigh*

I have posted many many many cheers...but, the first cheer below is the very first cheer I have ever made. The second cheer is the one that I am known for. Everyone just loves that cheer! In fact, the second cheer made it to the The Mighty Darksbane Dragons Cheers page...heehee! My third cheer won the DLoudest Cheer! I am so proud of that one!

First Cheer

Go Dragons Go!
We will show you
The we will win but we
also will vote fer you!

Go Dragons Go!
We have spirit
but we also share
all of it!!!

Go Dragons Go!
We vote for every single one
That way we can all win!
But being a fighter means we already won!

Go Dragons Go!
We got spirit!
Go Dragons Go!
Let's all share it!

Second Cheer

here we go! here we go!
Shake shake shake your dragon booty!
Shake shake shake your dragon booty!
We are here to
sweep you away!
yeah! yeah! yeah!
We are here to
knock you off your feet!
yeah! yeah! yeah!
We are here to
win and win some more!
yeah! yeah! yeah!
Shake shake shake your dragon booty!
Shake shake shake your dragon booty!
*turns music off*
whew! that was hard...

Third Cheer

A couple weeks ago I was born,
hatched from my little comfy egg.
When I opened my eyes
the very first time.
I sneezed at the fairy dust
that was sprinkled onto me.
I was curious about that
stick that was being handed.
From Dragons to Cherubs
From Cherubs to Wombats
The stick kept going being
handed from one to another.
As my hatch helper held me
for the very first time.
She taught me that the stick
is a Spirit Stick.
That it reminds us
that we are here for fun.
Not to fight and hurt others.
As the Spirit stick kept
going round and round.
It reached my hatch helper, North Wynd.
As she stands smiling over me
She hands me the spirit stick
and says,"Who will be next, little hatchling?"
I looked around and saw
the fairy who sprinkled
her fairy dust on me that made me sneeze!
I slowly walk my way to her
and hands her the spirit stick.
She smiles at me and gives me a hug
and sprinkles more fairy dust onto me.
'achoo!' I sneeze. I will never
forget that little giggle that
the fairy did to cheer me up.
I thank all the fairies who
sprinkled me with fairy dust! heehee!

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