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How you can join, be a wee one or fairy, Some tips here and there, and listed 12 Adoption Centers for you to adopt from!

Quick Info

I am a male wee one...the picture on the left *PROVES* there are such things as a *MALE* fairy, So quit yer teasing and let me do my thang. hehehe... ;)

Wannabe a Wee One?

Wanna be a wee one or a fairy? Go to my Quick Site Fights Index link above and you should get the info you need!

Hey...you a site fighter?

*dust dust tickle tickle* *laughs* Hey there! you reached my wee one page! *blows dust in your face* wait...oops..that is what the sand man does... I kinda..*stole* the fairy dust from my favorite fairy DScary Fairy! hehehe....buuut...don't tell her. She'd get upset!  *snickers* *sprinkles dust on you* I gots fairy curse dust, fairy good luck dust, fairy love dust, and lots more! It was hard carrying all the dust to my house..hehehe... I am sure she won't mind. *laughs*

Are you a site fighter? hehehe.... And I didn't sign your guestbook...then e-mail me and I will drop by your page with a snappy guestbook entry! I Am always busting my chops dusting guestbooks trying to make sure I don't leave one out...I am a wee one, I am bound to miss one or two or... 700 guestbooks. *laughs*

psssst...I am very lazy *laughs*

Meet the other wee ones!

I am not the only wee one....There are many more! Especially for the Darksbane Dragons! Click here to take you to the main Wee One page...Or click here to take you to the Darksbane Dragons Wee Ones page...

E-mail me! A little guy loves to hear from ya!

*flutter flutter*
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