What is he thinking about?

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Hmm.. What could this dragon be thinking about as he
stares at his reflection in the water?

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Dragon Thoughts

Name: Fuschia
Homepage: Wander Inn
Thought: He is thinking about his master plan to take over the world. MUAHAHAHA

November 6, 2000

Name: Black Star Unicorn
Homepage: None
Thought: The dragon is thinking about how to raise his babies since his girl just had a bunch of eggs. Someone give him a cigar!

August 24, 1999

Name: Moondust
Homepage: Moondust's Crystal Cavern
Thought: I think he's looking at the ripples in the water, watching himself shifting and changing in the pool. He may be in a grumpy mood, and he's worried about something, but won't admit that he's actually worried to even himself so he's trying to keep his mind off of it.

June 8, 1999

Name: VineTangle
Homepage: My Private Study
Thought: The dragon is thinking why his life is in such turmoil and why life is unfair because he hates the fact that humans judge dragons by their size and physical appearance and all this thinking makes him angry because hecan't find the answers to his questions.

May 25, 1999

Name: Florida Dragon
Homepage: None
Thought: He is pondering the intire meaning of the question ,and wonering how long it will be before everyone figures out that he was just planing his next move.

March 28, 1999

Name: Black Drago
Homepage: Black Drago's Domain
Thought: He is daydreaming about someone she/he loved or thinking about how beautiful the water is!

December 19, 1998

Name: Ambular
Homepage: None
Thought: I think that the dragon is in love, and he's very very sad because he's in love with a human chickie, and he knows that they can't truely be happy and together with her, because people are very stupid when it comes to being in love. They think 'Man, dragons and human's just don't mix, it's very very unnatural.' and he doesnt want her family to shun her or anything. So he's trying to figure out a way he can become human. And she's thinking of a way that she can become a dragon. They love each other so much they'd give up their natural forms to be together. And the dragon, man.. he's thinking of going to the Good Magician and doing a year's service an all, so he can find out how to be together with the girl and live happily ever after... what he doesnt know, is that the girl is already on her way there! hehehe... umm... yeah... the dragon is thinking about love, I think.

December 15, 1998

Name: Jiriki
Homepage: Jiriki's Homepage
Thought: I'd say the Grun Draco is deliberating on whether or not to he should break out into the world and fly high, gloriously through the skies that should be his domain, but is in check for the danger of the milling human infestation on the surface that have too narrow of minds and are too weak in their hearts to allow such a wonderful spectacul to grace their sight.

September 25, 1998

Homepage: Raptoress's Domain
Thought: why is there a dead person in front of me and why did the media want to take this photo shoot, I hate pictures, I never turn out good in them...dratted things, and camera flashes hurt!

June 16, 1998

Name: Stallion
Homepage: Stallion's Homepage
Thought: The dragon is thinking about how vicious and awesome he looks!

May 26, 1998

Name: Zorn Summer King
Homepage: Zorn and Aditu's Homepage
Thought: Where can a handsome dragon go to meet a nice female dragon around here?

May 23, 1998

Name: Hulartann
Homepage: Hulartann's Homepage
Thought: The green dragon is thinking of a way to get a drink without spilling most of it out between his teeth! ;-P

May 22, 1998

*the dragon glances up and sees someone staring at him* What?!

Posted 9/8/00

"Dragon Thinking" posted May 21, 1998.

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