His firy eyes and deep voice has gotten you scared and you don't want to upset him. You quickly change your mind and reply,"Ok." He smiles and uses his tail and picks you up. He then places you on his neck and takes off.

You hold on tightly to him as he flies through the air at a high speed. You look around and look below, you can see your shadow on the clouds below and you look ahead. He begins to lower as you pass through the clouds. You notice as you lower closer to the ground, the shadow of you and the dragon seems to fade out, as if you two aren't even passing by.

You see a kingdom ahead and you fly over the outer walls.  You look at how big the kingdom is. It seems to hold every creature in tevery realm. You look ahead and there seems to be a big castle that sits on a hill in the middle of this vast kingdom. You notice several other smaller castles that seems to stretch to the outer walls of the kingdom. 

He begins to approach the castle and lands. He then walks through the wall of the castle. He lets out his tail out of the window and lowers it down to you. He then says,"Climb on Mortal." You look around and you see a trail. You decide to decline on his offer and begin walking on the path. All of a sudden....you hear a growl...

What do you do now?

Continue walking on the path ignoring the growl
or quickly walk back to Crimson Dragon?