The growl has you nervous and freaking out. You quickly walk back to the the window whispering quietly,"Crimson dragon! You there?". A tail comes out of the window and you climb on as fast as you can and he lowers you into the castle's walls.

You look around and the halls are dark and and the torches on the walls seems to illuminate the halls. You continue following him down the hall and you smack into a wall and fall over. "ow..." you whispers to yourself.

"Who is there?" yells TheNightWind. You look at him and he looks back and asks,"Did you follow me here? Did you break in?" You stand up nervously and reply,"no no no...Crimson Dragon let me in!" TheNightWind stares at you and walks down the hall and says,"follow me traveller."

you begin to follow him down the hall and he sits in a chair in front of a fireplace. You walk in and sit on a chair behind him and look around the room. He continues,"No one has ever seen the Crimson Dragon."

You look at him nervously and he looks back at you and continues,"Are you lying traveller?" You jump up nervously saying,"no no no! he walked through the castle wall and he let me in using his tail and..." All of a sudden a loud bellowing is heard in the tunnels.You look around nervously and TheNightWind looks at you.

"I have to go." You say nervously as you walk to the doors. He stands up and with a motion of his hand, the doors slams shut. "I can't let you walk out and tell other people that you have seen the Crimson Dragon..." He says quietly. You turn to look at him and his eyes are firy red...It looks just like the Crimson Dragon's eyes when you upsetted him....

What do you do now?

Do you scream and try to run
or just stand there?