You look at the food and you remember the drink and the pain. But you don't think she will do it again...You decide to eat the food and begin munching on it. eggs...a strip of meat...some funky stuff on the side. You don't're eating it and it tastes goooood. After you finish the last of the meal, Skylark pulls you out of bed and walks you outside.

She hands you a dagger and says,"throw it at that tree." You look at the tree and you throw the dagger she handed you. It lands on the ground next to the tree and she stares at you with shock. She shakes her head and tries to hide her laughter,"I can tell you'll need a lot of training..." You look at her,"training for what?" She replies,"To steal, kill and defend for your life." You look at her and you turn around and begin walking away. She grabs your shoulder and says,"Where do you think you are going? I am going to teach you this wether you like it or not..."

What do you do now?

Decide to go along hoping to find an escape
or continue to resist and run?