You take the old bloody knife and you walk to a bowl of dirty water and you pour it out. You begin to refill it with clean water and notice there is a well right in the house. "very weird..." you think to yourself. You grab a nearby fresh rabbit that Skylark has killed recently and you begin to chop it, freaking out as blood splatters on you. "Ugh...Coulcn't I just go to a supermarket to buy meat?" You say to yourself in disgust.

Skylark walks in and begins stuffing an old stove with wood and lights it, she looks at you and the meat you just cut and smiles,"I see you like cutting meat?" You roll your eyes and and she takes the meat you just cut. She slaps them onto the stove and the meat begins cooking onto the stove. You look around quietly observing the kitchen. "Traveller, clean the kitchen and I'll be back." Skylark says as she walks out of the kitchen and locks the door. You look around the kitchen and begin cleaning up.

You grab a rag and clean the table...then begin putting the knives away and you clean the whole day away. You sit down in the dark kitchen with only a candle burning waiting for Skylark to come back. You look at the oven and you take a couple bits of meat and you look at it. You slowly begin munching on it. It tastes good, but what grosses you out is that it is rabbit meat.

What do you do now?

Do you run to a window and try to break out
or do you lay down on the floor and sleep?