You begin screaming in terror and all of a sudden, something comes out of nowhere and knocks the guy over. You look behind you and it looks like a wizard. He is wearing a bluish cloak but no hat, Not your average Merlin. Your eyes widen,"Oh my... a wizard..." you say quietly. He approaches you and pulls you up. "Are you ok traveller?" The Wizard asks. You answer while gasping loudly,"Um..yes..." The Wizard then continues,"I am TheNightWind." You think to yourself,"TheNightWind? Why is the name smashed together?"

He looks around and whistles...all of a sudden, A large dragon is spotted in the sky and flies closer and closer. All you can do is stare in awe. The dragon lands and bellows. You plug your ears tightly screaming in terror. He looks at you and laughs. "Mortals are so easy to scare." He says while looking at you. "Climb on, I will take you to somewhere safe." He continues. I look back at TheNightWind and he is gone... The dragon then says to you,"I am the Crimson Dragon. May I ask who you are looking for?" You look back at him and reply,"nothing." He then says,"Climb on and we'll go."

You back away," thanks." His eyes begins to glow firy red as his voice deepens,"Climb on mortal."

What do you do?

Do you suddenly change your mind and climb on
or do you continue saying no?