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The old torn down pages...

Welcome welcome welcome... *laughs* Not really.. But this here is a pile of old pages that I don't use anymore... That is taking up too much space so I tore them down and moved them to here... They may still have some value or something.... Oh well, Just dig through here. ;)

2003 Update - Stuff listed below were tossed here.

Adopted Creatures Very old page of adopted creatures from years ago.
Win My Award When I used to give out an award.
Awards I won A collection of awards that I won during the old days.
Dragon Postcards Issues with remote loading being blocked, etc etc etc...
Dragon Hunt It was a 'find 5 dragons, win an award' deal.
Elemental Dragons You were able to figure out which one sounded like you, and apply html code to your page to let others know what type of elemental dragon you were.
Green Dragon Thinking This was one of the first things I put up on my homepage. People were able to submit what they thought the green dragon could be thinking about. I guess it just got too old and I decided to move it to the trashlands.
Free Graphics Free Graphics that I offered at the time. They amazed many in the old days but are considered... not that much nowadays. hehehe.

Ok, This is new stuff tossed away. (11/16/99)

 Character Profiles These profiles were posted last year, a *long* time ago and most are just practically useless now. I even made a framed version. Click here to see it in frames.
 Fantasy Graveyard I had started the Fantasy Graveyard a long time ago as well but Mistress Nissandra decided to take it off my hands and keep it updated. The Updated Graveyard can be found here.
 OLD Dragon Postcards I'm not sure if this still works. but this is the older version of the postcards I had. The pictures were made by Malathar and all... If you want the newer post card place with beautiful dragon pictures, Go here.
 Dragon Dipping in Lake Heh, This was one of my earlier attempts at lake applets last year, about May of 98 I believe...
 Gem Forest Chat The name says it all...
 Listen to a Dragon tell you a story This was a RPG sense of a dragon telling any person a story about Gem... *shrugs*
 The View of the Gem Forest This explains the Gem Forest. A long time ago, I opened a place called the Gem forest and unfortunately, Gem had to close it and give it back to the Iuuan Elves.
 Iuuan Elves Information about the Iuuan Elves that ran free in the Gem Forest. It was a deal made with Gem that he could have The Gem Forest as long as he brought people in and out of the realm.
 Sythian Forrest Chat I opened this one after I closed the Gem Forest. Heh, I decided to ditch it anyways because it was always lagging and I can't seem to stay in their chats. *curses about live universe*

December 1998

 Spirit Pages There are 3 pages here... actually 4 but who cares. They are pages that was made for the Site Fights when I was in it. =o)
 Sight Fights Index Yep, Just like it says... Just some stuff I listed down.
 Wee One Page This here is my Wee One Page.. Yep, Also was made for the Site Fights.
 Purple Kitty Set Hmmm.... Just take this stuff if ya like it. heh...
 Dragon 8 Ball Damn thing never worked right. Tired of complaints so I tore this down.
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