Ahh...I see you have stepped into my room, you wish to take the quest? I must warn you...it is not like Blue Green Gem's quest at all. The poor child is lucky to even survive it all this time. He is lucky that he has friends along the way.

But my quests...They are horrible, that there is only one person you can trust throughout this quest. Do you wish to take this quest? If so...follow me...

You get nervous as you follow this strange man. You don't even remember walking into the room, you don't even remember where you are. You might as well go ahead and do a quest, I mean...the man is crazy after all. There is no magic or anyone killing each other. "puh-lease..." you whisper to yourself.

The man opens a portal and you stand there shocked seeing something twirling before your eyes that is in mid-air... something that you only see on television! You gasp quietly as the man looks at you and says,"Do you wish to journey in my quests I provide?" You begin to back up realizing this is all too far real... The man smiles and pushes you into the realm. All you can hear are your screams as you seem to be hurtling through a tunnel full of blurry colors and you just don't know when you'll stop!

*THUD* "ow..." you whisper quietly. You look around and you are lying in the sand by a pond. You see no one in sight and you stand up slowly and in pain. The sand didn't seem to soften the fall at all... "Hello there..." says a female from from behind you. You turn around and a beatiful lady stands there. Her hair only drops to her shoulders and it seems blonde to you. "I am Skylark, and you?" You begin to smile and reply,"I am only a mere traveller." The truth is you forgot your name. You are still confused about all that happened in the last couple of minutes.

"Would you like to come with me into my home?" Skylark asks. You reply,"sure..." You follow her and you notice something about her...She seems to have unusual weapons on her. A dagger as well as some smaller weapons. This has got you thinking that she is not the one you trust. You approach her home that seems to look like the ones you see in a book. straw roof, stone walls... She opens her door and walks in and you follow after her.

You look around in the room you are standing in. weapons on the walls...and dead animals on the table. You notice no electricity. That answered your question, you are standing in the kitchen. The overwhelming smell of the animal corpses has you gagging for air as you quickly folow her into another room. She hands you a cup of some murky stuff in there and you ask,"What is this stuff?" Skylark replies,"It is something that will help you...feel better..." You get nervous about what she meant by that... You stare at the murky stuff in the cup. What do you do?

You can drink the stuff or toss it aside and run out of the house....